Services Offered

The Akwesasne Economic Development Agency has been serving local businesses since 1988. We specialize in four different services for our business clients.

Payroll Services

Setting up an in-house payroll system is costly and time consuming. You need an extra office, not only for purchasing a payroll software package, or associated computers and printers, for storage of payroll records, extra personal, employer registration etc. AEDA's payroll services save you time. AEDA takes care of your payroll needs so that you may go about your business confident that your payroll is being handled professionally and securely.

A.E.D.A. provides a host of services to meet payroll and administrative needs. These services are charged at a competitive hourly rate:

  1. Remitting mandatory forms such as Employment Insurance, Goods and Services Tax, Workers Compensation and limited liability.
  2. Maintaining the Record of Employment and T4 slips for all A.E.D.A. employees.
  3. Filing Worker's Compensation, Liability Insurance claims.
  4. Maintaining benefits packages, employee records for sick and vacation days.

A.E.D.A. can supply employees to your company for short or long-term projects. We can take the weight off administrative tasks off your back allowing you to focus on strengthening your company. You maintain all direction and supervisory control of the assigned worker. You have the final decision on the hiring of personal.

Sponsorship Program

A.E.D.A. can apply to the Akwesasne Area Management Board for funding through a Job Opportunity Program or Summer Student Program that assists both the business clients and the job seekers if approved. A.E.D.A. administers the funding of the business client by providing the service of payroll. The program also benefits the job seeker with a variety of skills and training experience on the job.

Pre-Employment and Training Programs

The pre-employment program project gives the selected members of the community specific employment skills through classroom and on the job training. This project is designed to increase participant's employable skills and improve their chances of acquiring meaningful and gainfull employment. The job placement program allows participants to build experience upon basic skills and modern workplace standards learned throughout the project.

Stage 1

The first two weeks the participants start off with a self-esteem workshop. This workshop allows each participant to look inward and achieve balance to unlock their potential. Table topics are also used everyday to give the participants experience in public speaking. The public speaking program begins informally in a discussion of current and local events in a roundtable discussion. Each week a different topic is added to the discussion and brings the program into a formal focus. At the end of Stage 1, each speaker is allowed two minutes to speak. The students count the 'ahs' and 'ums' of each speaker. By the end of Stage 1 the participants learn to speak 'off the cuff' and look forward to the sessions each morning.

Stage 2

The computers and technology is presented in this stage. The participants learn Windows, the Internet, e-mail, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Publisher. In this stage each participant is working on a resume and business cards with a presentation to follow.

Stage 3

The participants do a self-assessment by learning about career planning that will give them a direction towards setting realistic career goals. A one day course in Personality Dimensions is also included which helps each participant to unlock their personality and shift their traits towards a more goal oriented persona capable of achievement. A basic safety course is conducted to give participants experience in workplace safety and emergency planning the includes: WHIMIS, fire safety, first aid/CPR including Artificial Exterior Defibrillation (AED). At the end of Stage 3 the participants will go to their job placements with confidence and hopefully succeed in a career path that they have chosen.

Seminars and Training

A.E.D.A. has partnered with CSE Consulting Inc. from Brockville, Ontario to bring professional development and training to businesses.  For more on our seminars and training programs see Training Programs.

Boardroom and Computer Lab Rentals

The Offices of AEDA are located at Unit One of the Peace Tree Trade Centre on Cornwall Island.

Coming in from Cornwall, the Peace Tree Trade Centre building is adjacent to the tollbooth for the Seaway International Bridge.

AEDA's office include a computer training area (22 workstations) and a fully equipped boardroom.

The boardroom is available for rental at an hourly rate of $25 / hour or a daily rate of $100.00. The boardroom includes Television, VCR, Stereo System, and an Overhead Projector.