The CAN-8 VirtuaLab is a 100% digital language laboratory. It is a network based, interactive, multimedia learning facility with the ability to teach and test languages; from Arabic to English to Chinese. With voice over the Internet (VOIP) since 1997, this comprehensive learning system is used for classroom or distance learning, written or spoken language testing and group conferencing. Its flexibility guarantees that for language teaching and testing.

Specified completely by teachers' requests, CAN-8 includes the instructor role in every stage of the student's learning process. The instructor can monitor, evaluate and provide feed back to students whose work has been automatically saved for this purpose. Students and instructors can maintain personal contact while working from any place at any time. As well, instructors can create or change lessons as the need arises. Again, from any place and at any time.

Installing Can 8

Directions on how to install Can 8 Program

**Please Note**

This program will only work with a set of computer speakers and a good quality microphone OR a headset with a built-in microphone.