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A Little History
Behind Our

Karen Mitchell
Executive Director

The Akwesasne Economic Development Agency (AEDA) is a non-profit corporation that delivers employment and training services. AEDA has been in the business of training and employing people in our community since 1988. AEDA provides payroll services, sponsorship programs, a variety of training programs that includes employment preparation, professional development, self-esteem programs, computer lab and boardroom rentals. Our newest training addition is the Mohawk Language Program called Kanienkeha Language and Reaource Center

AEDA has something for just about everyone. We work with a wide variety of business clients throughout the surrounding areas of Akwesasne. AEDA can apply to the Akwesasne Area Management Board for funding through a Job Opporunity Program or Summer Student Program that assists both the business client and the job seekers if approved. AEDA administers the funding of the business client by providing a payroll service. The program benefits the job seeker by providing a work placement and employment training.

Company Staff

Karen Mitchell
Executive Director
Shirley Francis
Financial Officer

Mission Statement

The mandate of the Akwesasne Economic Development Agency is to promote self-sufficiency, create economic ventures that foster and support cultural development, and social well being on behalf of the Akwesasne community and Nation.

To provide language and cultural educational materials that provide adult learn language learners the opportunity to increase their spoken language proficiency through a variety of teaching methods and practical application.

The ultimate goal is to assist in the preservation, protection, and revitalization of the Kanien’kéha language. This unique initiative also corresponds with AEDA's mandate to contribute towards the community's sustainability in language and cultural development and social well being for the benefit of individuals families and the wider community.

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