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The Kanien’kéha Language and Resource Centre is a subsidiary of AEDA, Akwesasne Economic Development Agency. It was established in 2006 to promote the revitalization of the Kanien’kéha language through traditional teaching and modern technological advancement.

Watch the video introducing the CAN-8 Language Learning System - Kanien’kéha

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The Akwesasne Economic Development Agency also known as (AEDA) has expanded to become the first Aboriginal Multi-Media Language Learning Center in Ontario.

Since 2006, AEDA has been developing courseware using the CAN-8 VirtuaLab program. This wonderful tool is used to assist with language acquisition and language maintenance. It can also be very helpful in providing additional support to learners in the classroom.

Multiple languages can be input simultaneously on similar subject matters. This is very important for Haudenosaunee language learners because a learner can see and hear the modifications that occur from Mohawk, to Oneida, to Onondaga, to Cayuga and to Seneca.

AEDA's CAN-8 based curriculum includes stories, songs, speeches, our history and culture, and any other content imaginable. This is an excellent source of knowledge.

In Akwesasne, the program is being used in the local schools, government offices both on the Canadian and U.S side, in the library and in the comfort of people's homes.

The CAN-8 VirtuaLab is a great way to preserve our language and culture for future generations and it is an economically-viable solution to preserve, protect, and revitalize First Nation's Languages. "