You can begin installing the CAN-8 client by clicking on the link provided either by our website or with the link provided to you in an email with your login details.

The download link is:

The download will begin downloading. Depending on your browser, the file will be downloaded through various steps. I am currently using Google Chrome as my default web browser.

svsetupThe download is approximately 64 MB so depending on your internet speed, it should take less than 45 minutes to download. On average about 6 minutes.

keyboardWhen the download is complete, double click on the downloaded file. You can find your downloaded file named “svsetup” most likely, in your Downloads folder. That can be accessed by typing the Windows Key + E at the same time, then search for “Downloads” in the left column.

svsetup iconDouble Click “svsetup” or “svsetup.exe” to begin the installation.

windows protect 1“Windows protected your PC” warning may pop-up, simply Single Click on “More info”….

There’s no need to worry about this, these are normal Windows prompts.

Single Click on “Run anyway”

From that point, everything is straight forward…

Go ahead and read the terms and agreement for SOUNDS VIRTUAL INCORPORATED

windows protect 2Begin by checking the check box for “I Accept this agreement” then Single ClickNext

The next screen will display which directory the program will be installed in, go ahead and Single ClickInstall

finishThis will complete the installation, Single ClickOK

desktop iconWhen this installation is complete, you will see the CAN-8 Client icon on your desktop.

Double Click the CAN-8 icon to begin learning the Mohawk Language.


You will need a high-quality headset with a microphone or a high-quality desktop microphone to use this software.


For any questions or comments, please contact us directly by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..